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Put that in your juice box and suck it [entries|friends|calendar]
Captain ♥ Cool

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[8-6-05 at 1pm]

favorite Mitch quotesCollapse )
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[11-11-04 at 5pm]



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[11-2-04 at 8am]
I think I have decided to make my journal friends only...

I am deleting a lot of people on my friend list... if you've been deleted, just ask back in. I...er... ok, the people who have been deleted, I wanted to give you the chance to not be my friend any longer...

So anyone who I deleted... I am sorry, and I still <3 all of you, but I had to do it, just to give you the chance to "get rid of me."
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[11-1-04 at 11pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

I am so tired of all this fucking shit! I need to talk to some kids, actually a lot of kids...

God, Alicia and Amanda K... will you two be my new best friends, b.c I really need them... please oh please!?!!? Considering everybody else has fucking screwed me over, I really wish I could talk to somebody without the entire fucking town hearing every word I've said.

Ya know, I have this belief, that it's not your fault if you were "caught talking about someone", it's the friends you told to's fault. I haven't been talking about anyone lately, yet, SOMEHOW, I've been caught. So, I've decided that maybe my friends aren't as great at I assumed they were... b.c either they took something out of context, or they are making shit up...

And I don't want a single damn comment saying how fucking wrong I was in this fucking entry... it's MY FUCKING JOURNAL!

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[10-31-04 at 3pm]
[ mood | forgotten ]

I seriously thought YOU would be better then that. I feel so stupidly jealous, and I am beginning to think I am being replaced... maybe I wasn't ever "there" enough to be replaced. Fuck it... I don't care.


Anybody want to be my new best friend???

Ya know, I feel like there are people that I really wish I could know better. They seem like they aren't wrapped up in all this drama, I <3 that!!!

I need to make plans for next weekend... anybody free that would wanna hang out??


*anyone who might talk to Mandy .J., don't go and tell her I said all this about her, b.c this has absolutely nothing to do with her...she and I are still great friends...*

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[10-30-04 at 12pm]


Hey everybody! this is how I want my ear peirced, so I want everyone to comment... I want it to be a bit lower though, so the bar would be longer...

What's that in your ear???Collapse )

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From Pammie [10-29-04 at 4pm]
[ mood | peaceful ]

when youre the best of friends
having so much fun together
youre not even aware
youre such a funny pair
youre the best of friends
lifes a happy game
you could clown around forever
neither one of you sees
your natural boundaries
lifes one happy game
if only the world wouldnt get in the way
if only people would just let you play
they say youre both being fools
youre breaking all the rules
they cant understand
the magic of your wonderland
when youre the best of friends
sharing all that you discover
when these moments have passed
will that friendship last?
who can say
theres a way?
oh i hope
i hope it never ends
cause youre the best of friends

I don't think friendships can ever last a "life time."
you keep them for as long as you need that person...
sometimes it is years and years, other only days.
So maybe my last post was me saying
"thanks for helping me out everyone, and I hope I helped you
I may not know that we no longer need eachother, but that
feeling will soon come, all in good time"

So thank you, to all those friends who stuck by me... and to those that are still around... I sincerely hope I helped all of you.


pick em' [10-28-04 at 7pm]
[ mood | sick ]

Do yo guys like the background of beauty_lies_low


crazy_cat07  more???


I want everybody to vote

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[10-28-04 at 4pm]
[ mood | fucking depressed ]

I should of left Winder when I had the chance, but no, I had to stay here b.c all my "great friends."

Now what?? all my friendships are fucking falling apart.

Anyone I like seems to hate Winder and everyone in it.

And anyone who I used to like I can't stand now... damn it, I would say lets go to AHS, but no... that wouldn't work out. B.c in five mintes I will have a million comments, I will feel bad for what I said, and realize that I was "wrong". But I now know something. The grass is always fucking greener on the other fucking side. I think I should just fucking ram the fence as hard as I fucking can. I will prob. die... but hey, that is always better then fucking winder


[10-25-04 at 7pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Today was a great day! I was asked why I don't go out with Zach, and I couldn't really give an answer... I mean, if it wasn't for Mandy would I go out with him??

Probably not...

Other that that, I have been working on my layout all day!!! it is some hard stuff, ya know?!?!? I really like it though.

I have Ashlee Simpson stuck in my head.

This was a realtively short LJ, but I am tired and wanna go sit down, so adios.

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[10-25-04 at 6am]
Hey everybody, just seeing if this is all working right...
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